Splitfire DIS-001 Coil Packs - R32/R33 RB26DETT / R33 RB25DET S1 / R32 RB20DET
Splitfire DIS-001 Coil Packs - R32/R33 RB26DETT / R33 RB25DET S1 / R32 RB20DET


Splitfire DIS-001 Coil Packs - R32/R33 RB26DETT / R33 RB25DET S1 / R32 RB20DET


Compared with the standard coil, SplitFire Direct Ignition Systems have an increased wire turn of coil, and high quality materials are used for the parts to provide high performance. 

The difference of spark between Direct Ignition Systems and Standard systems is very clear. This difference brings great advantage for spirited driving. It helps complete combustion to improve combustion efficiency, and also increases power and torque. SplitFire Super Direct Ignition Systems are specifically designed for limited engine models, and they are all bolt-on type for easy installation. 

The special circuit adopted for this unit helps to start engine at lower voltage. It provides the excellent starting performance even lower voltage. It also eliminates noise and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) for audio equipment because plug wires were eliminated. Drastic improvement for ignition system! Excellent Power and Response! Feel the efficiency of the innovative ignition tuning!


  • A must for high boost app. 
  • Complete kit for plug & play 
  • Reduces engine misfiring  


Note: This kit DOES NOT replace the OEM ignitor chip.

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