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RB26 parts for sale
The Nissan RB26DETT turbo engine is best known for powering the popular Nissan Skyline GTR.  It was found throughout the R32, R33 and R34 Nissan Skyline GT R chassis in its inline six 2.6 L 24 valves, twin turbo, fuel injection configuration.  Equipped from factory with a twin turbochargers generating 276 HP and approx 260 lb ft of torque singing through high RPM.  You may have known about the 'Gentleman's Agreement' between Japanese auto manufacturers, can conclude that horsepower number is only an advertised figure.  Nice work Nissan. The engine weight of just over 400 lbs before adding in additional components found from factory like the responsive individual throttle bodies (ITB) system. Often times compared to the Toyota 2JZ engine, this engine is widely known and popular for its ability to generate a large amount of power and torque in both stock and modified setups with use of their cast iron block.  Here at Raw Brokerage we've been involved with builds from a stock refresh to 1,500+ HP race motors.  Search throughout our catalog of RB26 parts for sale to spec out your engine and complete your desired setup.  Everything from a cylinder head, intake manifold, connecting rods, engine block and single turbo conversion.