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Raw Brokerage Pro-Flow Intake Plenum RB26

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Raw Brokerage Pro-Flow Intake Manifold - RB26DETT


To combat the flow restrictions and irregularities of the factory intake manifold; the Raw Brokerage Pro-Flow Intake Plenum promotes maximum airflow to all six cylinders of the powerful RB26 engine.  This plenum eliminates the factory individual throttle bodies, linkage system, and casted plenum.  Replacing these components is a plenum beautify TIG welded along every seam that have held up to 1500hp and 45+psi of turbo boosting abuse.  Mating it to the factory manifold is a precisely CNC machined flange with smooth intake runners to the tapered fabricated inlet plenum.  This runner design removes the from factory poorly matched 3-piece runner design that causes turbulence within the runners where casting lips may appear from misalignment.  To retain the factory injector angle, port size and shape; the factory portion of the manifold that bolts the cylinder head has be reused.  This is also beneficial to those who have ported their cylinder head to match the intake runners and intake gasket.  Included is a large 90mm single throttle body that is perfectly matched to the plenum allowing more air to rush into the intake manifold.


Product Features:


  • Professionally TIG welded
  • CNC Flanges
  • High quality aircraft aluminum
  • Smooth runner design
  • Increase airflow for higher horse power applications
  • Single 90mm throttle body configuration
  • Can be used on both 2.6L and larger 3.0L blocks (in conjunction with a RB26 head)
  • Designed to work on all Skyline GTR applications and RB26 swapped S13, S14, and S15 both left hand drive and right hand drive.



  • Raw Brokerage Pro-Flow Plenum
  • Raw Brokerage 90mm Throttle Body
  • Throttle body gasket
  • Installation hardware
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About Raw Brokerage

About Raw Brokerage

Founded at the beginning of 2008 in Orlando, Florida, Raw Brokerage now has coast to coast presence in Fresno, California. The company started out as a used Nissan RB engine parts website connecting enthusiasts with hard-to-find parts in the United States. Since then Raw Brokerage has expanded into two locations where it distributes thousands of new and used performance automotive parts and performs extensive car and engine builds specializing in the Nissan Skyline platform. We have accounts on over 300 brands and access to over 1,000,000 parts. Raw Brokerage focuses on its core values of integrity, value, and service. This allows our team to ensure top-level customer satisfaction that you can rely on. Regardless of motorsport, we are here to assist in getting your car to perform to its highest potential. So shop with confidence with us when looking for your next body kit, engine block, turbo, or other performance parts.

What does that mean for you?

What does that mean for you?

Our team is dedicated to more than just customer service, we are driven to provide customer success. Just like you, we are car enthusiasts looking to enjoy the process of the build, the satisfaction of the improvements, and the success at the track.

With over a decade operating in the performance automotive industry, our team has been there, broke that part, compared the alternatives, and has been part of countless projects.

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This is the reason why countless car owners return each day to Raw Brokerage for their aftermarket performance parts needs.

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