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CWC Billet LS Alternator Kit for Nissan RB20 RB25 RB26

by CWC
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Looking for a replacement Nissan RB26DETT, RB25DETT, or RB20DET alternator without any luck?  Chances are they're either no where to be found or just simply too old/worn to be considered using.  Or are you looking at a higher amperage upgrade?

This CWC Billet LS Alternator Kit for the Nissan RB26, RB25, and RB20 engines allows you to forget you ever needed to find a replacement alternator from Nissan. This kit allows you to use a readily available GM alternator found on the various LSx (ie: LS1) equipped vehicles.

What does that mean for you?

  • Buy this kit
  • Remove your alternator from your RB
  • Walk into your local parts store and buy a GM alternator (2 wire version)
  • Install new GM alternator on your RB
  • Enjoy all the benefits of now having higher amperage without the extra hassle of a stock alternator

What is included: 

  • TOP Mounting bracket x1
  • 4PK Pulley x1
  • M10 bolt x2
  • M10 spring washers x2
  • M10 flat washers x2
  • M5 bolt x1
  • M5 spring washer x1
  • M5 flat washer x1

Removal Instructions:

  1. Disconnect
  2. Disconnect main power feed to alternator
  3. Remove earth wire from alternator (some cars do not have this)
  4. Disconnect sense light plug.
  5. Loosen alternator bottom bolt and top bolt. do not remove at this time.
  6. Loosen tensioner and remove belt from alternator pulley
  7. Remove top bolt from alternator (do not throw out you will need this)
  8. Remove bottom bolt from alternator and keep nut (new bolt supplied in kit)
  9. Remove alternator

Instructions New Alternator Prep:

  1. On your new ls1 alternator remove the original pulley
  2. Fit the new 4pk pulley to alternator
  3. The new pulley is a neat fit,if pulley does not slide on do not hit. warm pulley with heat gun or hair dryer.and slide on.
  4. If you car has small ring terminals m6 they will not fit alternator  battery post.
  5. Remove ring terminal and replace with m8 terminals

    Note: Some people drill out the original ring terminal to fit, the choice is yours.

Instructions Fitting New Alternator In Car:

  1. Place alternator in position with the sense plug facing away from the engine.
  2. Fit new long m10 bolt with one spring washer then one flat washer and install on lower mounting hole of alternator ,use factory nut to bolt in place. (Do not fully tighten at this point)
  3. Swing alternator toward block and fit belt.
  4. Now fit top mounting bracket with m10 hole to alternator and m8 hole to original adjuster. (see fig )
  5. Install new short m10 bolt with m10 spring washer and flat washer. and install from the rear of the upper alternator mounting bolt holes through too the new mounting bracket
  6. Reinstall original m8 bolt thought adjuster block and into new top mount bracket.
  7. Adjust belt tension and tighten bolts as per Nissan spec.
  8. Fit new m5 bolt with spring washer and flat washer.
  9. Using m5 bolt secure earth cable to back of alternator (see fig )
  10. Secure battery cable to alternator battery post with nut supplied.
  11. Plug sense/idiot light back in.
  12. 12 connect battery
  13. Double check all bolts are tight.
  14. Your done time to start it up.

LS1 Alternator on RB20 RB25 RB26


 LS1 Alternator on RB20 RB25 RB26


LS1 Alternator on RB20 RB25 RB26

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About Raw Brokerage

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What does that mean for you?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Walt (San Antonio, US)
Perfect fit for my RB

Works as intended on my RB. No instructions came with it but some good helpful videos on YouTube. As everyone else mentioned. 2004 Pontiac GTO alternator will work. GM Part # 92058857

Jarod Hoffman (Ormond Beach, US)
Ls1 to b20 alt bracket

Bolts right up, zero modification and you don’t need a new belt 10/10

Luis (Salem, US)

Parts came quick and very well packaged. The billets parts look very nice and the coating is perfect.

Ger Vang (Fresno, US)

CWC Billet LS Alternator Kit for Nissan RB20 RB25 RB26

kyle farnsworth (Orlando, US)

Kit worked great on an 04 Pontiac gto alternator. Only modifications were to sand the anodized bore out a little to slip on the alternator properly and I recommend a belt an inch longer to be able to put it on. Definitely the upgrade I needed for my rb25det swapped 280z ^^

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