Nubis R35 VR38 Performance Ignition Coil Conversion Kit for Nissan RB26DETT R32/R33
Nubis R35 VR38 Performance Ignition Coil Conversion Kit for Nissan RB26DETT R32/R33


Nubis R35 VR38 Performance Ignition Coil Conversion Kit for Nissan RB26DETT R32/R33


This conversion kit comes with the following components to convert and upgrade your RB26 coil packs to the R35 GTR VR38DETT coil system. This kit omits the use of the factory ignitor chip. Similar to the factory coil-on-plug setup (where the coil pack is directly on the spark plug) this R35 GTR coil kit allows for a clean installation.


This kit includes:

  • Nubis Performance VR38 Coil Packs (6x)
  • Billet Conversion Bracket
  • Conversion Coil Harness
  • Installation Hardware


Why upgrade coils on your Nissan Skyline GTR?


Although here at Raw Brokerage we are in love with the Nissan RB engine, the design approach to the coils left for some improvement from factory. The coils on an RB sit within a valley tucked between the head casting where the camshafts are enclosed. With the coils recessed in the cylinder head they are under constant heat soak. The head itself transmits a lot of heat which is transferred directly to the coils. In addition, very little amount of air is passing through this area not allowing the coils to cool down at all. To make matters worst the coils are concealed by a coil cover locking in all the hot temps to bake the coil packs.


Now this is nothing new to many engine designs and isn't a huge ordeal to work with. The issue really comes into play with 25+ year old coil packs being used in either higher horsepower and torque applications or simply a daily driver looking for better reliability and economy. Often times it's a component in the maintenance routine that is overlooked. Creating headaches when the factory coils begin to fail or not perform at their best when on the dyno.


The R35 GTR is no stranger to daily drivability and high HP results. There are fine examples of these results found on cars making well over 2000 HP! It goes without saying that this is perhaps a great investment into making your engine and car running strong.


The installation process is really straight forward and doesn't require much work to get everything installed and back up and running.


  1. First you'll remove the coil cover to gain access to the factory coil packs and ignition harness.
  2. You'll unplug the ignitor from the main EFI engine harness.
  3. Remove the factory coils and bracket by removing the 12 mm bolts that hold them to the cylinder head.
  4. Now with the factory coils and bracket removed, install the new coil bracket onto the motor with the supplied hardware.
  5. Install the Nubis Performance coil packs to the bracket ensuring that they are seated properly over the spark plug.
  6. Proceed to installing the ignition harness by plugging in all six of the coils. Be sure to install the correct corresponding harness plug to the coil and not mix them up between cylinders.
  7. Plug conversion coil harness into EFI engine harness (No ignitor reused).
  8. Verify that everything is properly installed. Proceed to test start the car to ensure proper drivability. If needed, some aftermarket ECU's allow for adjustment of coil dwell which can be adjusted accordingly.

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