Nissan RB20DET Engine SWAP Parts for S13 240SX


Engine Swap Mounts

Starting out your RB engine swap, you'll want to begin with mounting your engine.  Luckily we've done this a few times so you're in good hands.  Why you want to use an engine mount swap kit is to properly position your engine in your engine bay and transmission for proper driveline alignment.  Saving time and money and possibly other damage by 'eye-balling' engine placement. You have two popular routes of doing this. We provide products for both methods.  Pick and choose what will compliment your swap.

Use your Factory Cross Member

First, you can use your factory S13, S14 or S15 engine cross member (the piece that crosses your engine bay from frame rail to frame rail. By retaining your factory cross member you'll need a mount kit that uses conversion brackets to relocate your engine mounting location.

ISR RB Swap Mounts for Nissan 240sx S13/S14 (For RB20 RB25 RB26)


The second method is to swap your cross member to a R33 engine cross member. By going this route you'll use conversion isolators that do not require conversion brackets.

Exhaust Routing

You've now installed your RB20, RB25 or RB26 engine into your Nissan 240sx (or Silvia, 180sx, 200sx) and need to plumb that unwanted exhaust gas from the back of your turbo to your exhaust system. Since this is an engine swap, the section of exhaust piping that connects your turbo to the rest of your exhaust won't line up without some help.  No worries, lucky you shop at Raw Brokerage and we've got you covered on this as well. The first part you'll need to consider is turbine outlet pipe (or 02 housing to some).  This part not only connects your turbo to your downpipe but also offers increased flow for better turbo performance.  These elbows are designed to be used with a SR20DET style down pipe

For ISR Kits



Keeping a high performing engine cool is always a challenge. Combine that with a smaller engine bay of a Nissan 240sx/S13 and the larger RB25 and you have even more heat to combat with.  If you intend to drive your car anywhere that the sun shines it's going to be best to think about upgrading your cooling system.  If you're using a SR20 or a radiator that is intended for a US driver side radiator hose inlet, you'll need to get hoses routed across your engine bay to hook it up. So the radiators offered below are intended to be used with swap hoses along with keeping the hose routing clean and proper on the same side of the engine bay where your radiator hoses connect to your RB25DET.

Budget Oriented

Performance Oriented

Additional SWAP Components

Don't forget these additional important components for your RB25DET engine swap into your Nissan S13 240sx/Silvia.  Upgrade your radiator hoses to insure proper fitment and long lasting durability.  Using a factory intake manifold and need to connect your heater core to route coolant through the firewall to your heater core?  We have swap heater hoses available.  Just because you are swapping engines doesn't mean you have to lose the creature comforts either. Upgrade your old, leaking power steering high pressure line to work perfect with the RB25 power steering pump.

Radiator Hoses

Heater Hoses

PS Hi-Pressure Line