AEM Infinity Programmable Engine Management - Nissan 350Z VQ35
AEM Infinity Programmable Engine Management - Nissan 350Z VQ35


The Infinity ECU delivers state of the art engine control for the racing masses at a fraction of the cost of comparable high end systems. Built around a latest generation 200MHz automotive processor, the Infinity is capable of processing 400 MIPS (millions of Instructions per second). The Infinity ECU is available in configurations to support four- to 12- cylinder engines.


The Infinity’s airflow-based, volumetric efficiency (VE) tuning models simplify start up and speed up the tuning process by eliminating many of the lookup and trim tables (Correction Tables) necessary in previous generation ECUs.


Combined with AEM’s industry leading after-purchase support system, including free technical support, the Infinity is the ultimate engine control solution for both professional race teams and weekend track cars.


    • Airflow model based (VE) tuning
    • ECU Set Up Wizard simplifies start up
    • Flex fuel compatible & multi fuel capable
    • Programmable drive by wire 
    • Programmable variable cam timing 
    • Programmable boost control strategies 
    • Programmable nitrous control 
    • On-the-fly map switching 
    • Up to 2 internal Lambda air/fuel controllers 
    • Up to 2 knock sensing circuits 
    • Programmable traction control 
    • Data logging up to 64GB, up to 100 channels at 1KHz 
    • Outputs to 3rd party dashes and data loggers 
    • AEMnet enabled 
    • View logs in InfinityTuner or AEMdata software 
    • Industry leading data transfer speed (up to 480Mb/sec) 
    • Integrated engine protection strategies 
    • Sealed enclosure and IP67 rated comms ports 
    • Password protected maps

    The Infinity-6 and Infinity-8h ECU is an affordable state-of-the-art engine control unit designed for four- and six-cylinder racing engines and racing engines with up to 8 cylinders that are using high-impedance injectors. Extensive research and development was put into designing the Infinity-6/8h to ensure that it delivers an unmatched price point for this level of engine control.
    The Infinity-6 is designed for racing engines with up to 6 cylinders. It features a smaller footprint than the Infinity-8/10 (5.855” x 5.55” x 1.8”) and a single, weatherproof 80-pin connector.
    The Infinity-8h is designed for high performance V8 crate engines and race engines using high impedance injectors with up to 8 cylinders.

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